Work from home business opportunity coaching children

RTMT offers excellent part time work from home business opportunities. Learn how you can be your own boss with RSVP. 

Key Facts of RTMT Sampoorna Vriddhi Pioneers (RSVP) work from home business:
  • Work part time from home for up to 2- 3 hours a week tutoring children in executive functioning, creative intelligences and socio-emotional skills.
  • Workshops are created for children aged 7-16 years. These children are in the prime developmental stage of concrete operational cognitive development.
  • Workshops are completely based on activities, games, role-plays, story-telling, contests and quizzes.
  • RSVP is conceived and developed by experts in child counselling, CBT and NLP through years of research and hands-on experience.
  • Tap into the education market with little or no experience. This is an industry that is constantly increasing in size. 
  • This work from home business opportunity is best suitable for work from home moms or anyone interested in earning part time or weekend incomes.
  • You can charge anywhere between 1300 to 2000 Rupees per month per child for the workshops.
  • RSVP has the lowest one-time investment with zero royalty fees. This is a truly keep-what-you-earn model.
  • Highest rate of kids retention owing to our “Monster Slam Cards” reward scheme.
  • Training is provided directly by our founders. Uniquely, we do this to ensure lossless translation and maximum preparedness for kick starting your venture.
  • Programme package is comprehensive with lesson plans, assessments, parent tips and resources. 
  • Exclusive marketing and sales package are provided, not to mention our time to market which is typically within 3 weeks.
  • Free on-call support is provided. Furthermore, we do hand-holding for a month.

3 Reasons why RSVP delivers the best work from home business opportunity in India

  1. RSVP workshops have low entry barriers. You just need a small room to get started and a passion to teach kids the life essentials they won’t learn at school.
  2. One time marketing effort and easy renewals. Furthermore,  even offer 15% discounts for fresh programme materials the following year.
  3. Highly dedicated and hard-working team at RTMT to back you up during the initial days of your business. We consider our partners as family.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is the minimum requirement to be our partner?

A: You should have at least passed 12th grade, have basic English language proficiency in reading and writing- but above all, a passion wot work for kids and to help us in our commitment to change children’s lives.

Q: Is there any age limit to apply?

A: As long as you are the legal working age, anyone is welcome.

Q: Can I really run it on my own?

A: Absolutely! We recommend a ratio of 10 kids to one coach. You only need to hire part time coaches as you expand.

Q: How difficult is it to start  a work from home business?

A: Contrary to popular belief, if the product is genuine (tick), you are dedicated (tick), then the rest follows. 

Q: Does the RSVP Programme run all year round?

A: No- the programme has curated content for 10 months to take into account exam preps. However, summer camp programmes may be conducted during this time.

Q: What if I need to know more?

A: We’d be happy to do a workshop (directly from our founders) so you understand on pre-booking basis. To register or get a detailed brochure, call us/email from the details here.


Suitable for individuals – work-from-home moms, pre-school owners, retirees or any one looking for additional income. We charge zero royalty fees and you can break even in as less as 3 months with 6-10 kids enrolled. Workshops may be conducted in apartments or your own home with space less than 200 sq.ft.


Suitable for businesses dedicated to kids- libraries, cafes, retail outlets etc. We charge zero royalty fees and train your resources to have a stronger customer base and additional revenues. Workshops may be conducted during non-peak hours at the business outlets.


Suitable for education institutes like schools, trusts etc. We charge zero royalty fees and train your teachers to conduct our programmes during extra-curricular periods. Typically kids may be charged 1500-3000 Rs per year additionally which guaranteed more income for institutes.

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