We made a commitment to change lives at any cost, all ways.

We constantly upgrade our programmes to make it relevant for the 21st century so we know we always offer the best. 

We need heroes like you to spread our wings so as to reach as many kids. If you would like to partner or work with us, please call today.

Our Children

It’s important to have the best personality to succeed.

We commit to make the kids more creative, enhance their critical thinking, take initiative, be persistent, be a leader and socially aware. 

Our measure of success is by the kids’ success.

Our Partners

RTMT strives for generating opportunities for people out of work. 

Our business initiative aims to nurture a generation of solo entreprenuers and game-changers. 


We love kids and offer the best for them.

And we simply know our stuff too well. We have the best people who work with this. And more than that, we enjoy doing this. Every day.

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