Neighbourhood children’s CLUB

We build a community for kids.

Why a Club

We need a CHANCE to try new things. Also, we "get" it when kids say they are bored. Or when parents realise they need something beyond electronic devices and studies. We work on overall development of children by focusing on learning through games, activities, story telling, trips and social service. Our motto is to make every child a happy, determined and resilient youth. That's why we come to you to engage children in your locality..

Why Join

It's hard not to, when you realise it's right in your neighbourhood. We deliver new experiences, new ways of make them stand out from the rat race. We know from experience that academic excellence is just not sufficient so we work on the foundation skills missing in schools.

Try Us

We offer a free session to anyone interested. We'd be happy to visit your neighbourhood or apartment block. Call us on 8882930003 for details.

Our curated programme

Our Workshops

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