Meta-level thinking, conceptual analysis and creative direction infused with self awareness and self development for kids.
Because, we know we didn't learn this in school. And we realised this is what we need in the real world. And thus, RSVP kids workshops was born.

RSVP stands for RTMT Sampoorna Vriddhi Pioneers- kids workshops focusing on their overall growth and maturity.


Our everyday is filled with ideas and action plans to make a real difference to parents, educators and at the heart of it, kids.

We run kids workshops, host competitions and offer great work from home opportunities – all with a view of empowering kids to achieve a Growth Mindset.

Find out what exactly we do and how it matters.

Our Commitment

Is it just enough to be passionate at what you do? We think not. We are exceptional because we have proven that our work changes people’s lives for the better. We call ourselves a social enterprise because we are always looking at giving something back to the society.



Out of work and love kids? Stop waiting and get in touch with us now! We are looking for like minded men and women – be it housewives, retirees, teachers or anyone in need of spare income in return of working for just 10-12 hours per month. Conduct RSVP kids workshops and earn over 20,000/- per month.


Our quality content

If content is king, ours is the monarch. Our programme for kids workshop are filled with stories, games, projects and activities.

Global concern

We care about the society we live in and we want our kids to get involved at the grass roots level in our society with volunteering/ fund raising/creating awareness of social issues.

Clear and candid

Our training methods are simple, clear and easy to follow.

To a better future

With focus on career, all our sessions are CV enrichers for the kids.

Community builder

Our RTMT community thrives on helping each other and supporting them.

Expert Panel

We have numerous experts on board who make it a point to review our content and ensure we remain focused on delivering quality content.

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